Coffee Brewing Tips:

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At Dunkin' Donuts, we grind our 100% Arabica coffee beans moments before we brew it, so you get the freshest tasting cup of coffee every time. We also brew our coffee throughout the day, so you always get fresh, delicious coffee anytime you want it. Even at home, you can still have America's Favorite Coffee whenever you want. Dunkin' Donuts coffee is available by the pound in Original Blend Ground & Whole Bean, Dunkin' DecafĀ®Ā Ground & Whole Bean, Dunkin' DarkĀ®Ā Roast, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Simply buy a pound or two of coffeeĀ in-storeĀ orĀ online, follow these coffee brewing tips and you're well on your way to home brewing success.Ā 






  • Coffee Brewing Tips
  1. Always start with the highest-quality coffee beans. Look for coffee that states "100% Arabica" beans.
  2. Use only fresh coffee. Once the coffee package is opened, ground coffee will remain fresh for about 7 days, while whole bean coffee will remain fresh for up to 20 days.
  3. Grind your coffee just before brewing; pre-grinding may cause your coffee to taste stale. The grind level should match your coffee brewer or individual taste. Fine grind coffee yields a stronger flavor, while course grind will yield a weaker flavor.
  4. Clean your coffee brewer and carafe of any coffee residue or oils from the previous brewing.
  5. Always use fresh, cold water for brewing coffee.
  6. Never allow your coffee to sit on the burner for more than 20 minutes. Continued cooking will change the flavor and aroma attributes, resulting in burnt, bitter, or harsh flavors.
  7. Never reheat your coffee. Use a thermal carafe or insulated mug if you plan on holding your hot coffee for more than 20 minutes.
  8. Keep coffee beans at room temperature. If coffee beans are stored in the refrigerator or freezer, they absorb food odors and condensation, and the flavor of the coffee won't be up to par.
  9. Store any unused coffee in a cool, dry place, away from heat or sunlight, and not in the refrigerator or freezer. Coffee will absorb flavor and aroma attributes from the other foods, thus it is recommended that coffee be stored in an air-tight container that is not see-through.
  • Iced Coffee Brewing Tips
  1. To brew a full-flavored pot of Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee, double the amount of coffee grinds you would normally brew for hot coffee*. Measure 4 level tablespoons for every 6 oz. of cold spring or filtered water you plan to brew.
  2. After the coffee is done brewing, remove it from the burner and let cool.
  3. Pour the coffee into a temperature safe container, and add ice until the mixture cools and doubles in volume. Keep in mind that the melting ice dilutes the coffee, which is why Iced Coffee is brewed using twice the amount of grinds as hot coffee.
  4. To keep Iced Coffee cold and fresh, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Iced Coffee should be consumed within eight hours after brewing.
  5. Drink as is, or add milk, cream or sugar to sweeten and lighten to taste.
  6. To keep the remaining, unbrewed Dunkin' Donuts Coffee beans or grinds fresh, store in an opaque, airtight container in a cool dry place. Do not store in a refrigerator as grinds and beans absorb moisture and aromas around them.

*Be sure not to over fill your brew basket